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  • نشست خبری مهندس رضوی با خانه مطبوعات استان قم
    مهندس رضوی سه‌شنبه13شهریور 97 نشست خبری را در محل خانه مطبوعات استان قم با خبرنگاران استانی برگزار کرد

  • مقايسه نرخ تورم و درصد افزايش حقوق بازنشستگان طي سال‌هاي گذشته
    مقايسه نرخ تورم و درصد افزايش حقوق بازنشستگان طي سال‌هاي ۱۳۸۹ تا ۱۳۹۷

  • چهارمین جلسه ستاد فرماندهي اقتصاد مقاومتي استان قم
    چهارمین جلسه ستاد فرماندهي اقتصاد مقاومتي استان قم به ریاست استاندار و دبیری مهندس رضوی ریاست سازمان مدیریت و برنامه ریزی برگزار شد.

  • رضوی:توسعه صنعت در قم پاسخگوی نیازها نیست
    رئیس سازمان مدیریت و برنامه‌ریزی استان قم معتقد است با توجه به شرایط استان قم توسعه بیش از پیش صنعت نباید مد نظر باشد مگر صنعتی که در خدمت زیارت است.

  • پروژه بازسازی و ساماندهی فاضلاب مجتمع دام شیری لبن
    از محل درآمدهای مالیات برارزش افزوده ، پروژه بازسازی و ساماندهی فاضلاب مجتمع دام شیری لبن انجام می شود.

  • دومین جلسه گفتمان اقتصاد مقاومتی ذیل کارگروه اجتماعی فرهنگی اقتصاد مقاومتی استان
    شاکر آرانی :قم همیشه به عنوان خط مقدم عرصه فرهنگ در انقلاب اسلامی بوده و در بحث اقتصاد مقاومتی نیز باید به کانون و الگوی مناسب برای ادارات و سازمان های کشور تبدیل شود

  • اولین جلسه گفتمان اقتصاد مقاومتی ذیل کارگروه اجتماعي فرهنگي اقتصاد مقاومتی استان
    معاون آمار و اطلاعات سازمان مدیریت استان : اگر اصلاح الگوی مصرف نهادینه نشود درآینده نزدیک استان قم دچار بحران آب و انرژی خواهد شد

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Iran is the 17th economic power and the eighteenth scientific power of the world

Mohammad Bagher Nobakht, Public Relations and International Affairs, said on Thursday, the second vice president said that the country's administration with half of its revenues Oil is from the place of oil production and export before the victory of the Islamic Revolution. Oil production from five million and 586 thousand barrels in 1356 reached three million and 867 thousand barrels in 1396, which means a reduction of about two million barrels.
He added that the export of oil has risen from four million and 816 thousand barrels per day in 1356 to two million and 116 thousand barrels in 1396, which in fact is half that which was issued during the reign of the kingdom. As a result, in such a situation, oil revenues have also halved, so now the country is now running half of the revenue from oil production and exports in comparison with the victory of the Islamic Revolution.
Dr. Nobakht said that after the Islamic Revolution, the export of goods from Iran reached more than $ 30 billion, while before the revolution it was less than $ 5 billion. The value of non-oil exports has increased from $ 625 million in 1356 to about $ 47 billion in 1396.
He added: "Iran is now the 17th economic power and the eighteenth scientific power of the world, so we are much ahead of the past regime."
The head of the Plan and Budget Organization continued: The production of agricultural products in Iran has reached 30 million and 223 thousand tons in 1356 in addition to 120 million tons in 1396. The purchase of wheat guarantees from 645 thousand tons to about 9 million tons during this period, which is definite for six months of wheat storage in Iran.
He said: "The number of electricity villages has risen from four thousand villages to more than 56 thousand villages, and the average life expectancy in Iran has increased from 56 years and six months to 75 years and six months.
Dr. Nobakht added that the mortality rate for children under one year has decreased from 111,000 to 13, and the proportion of the population covered by treatment insurance has risen from 34 percent to 98.1 percent.
He continued: The income distribution coefficient has also risen from 0.436 to 0.395 percent in the country. Recognizing global resources, income distribution in Iran is far better than the United States, Russia, China and Turkey.
The vice president said that the number of students in Iran from 175 thousand people in 1356 reached more than 4 million in 1396 and the number of female students increased from 54 thousand and 248 to more than 1 million and 871 thousand people. .
Dr. Nowakht added: "Which of the countries in the region have been able to achieve this level with all these obstacles and all these problems?" It is not only the power of Islam that can be relied upon. Therefore, defending the Islamic Republic's system of defending its achievements over the past years because the Islamic Republic of Iran, in spite of all its constraints, has been able to penetrate the smallest element of the atom and to break it into space. Unstoppable satellite galaxy.
The meeting of heads of the coordinating council of Islamic propaganda across the country has been ongoing for three days in Mashhad since May 5th.


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