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  • رديف‌هاي درآمدي مرتبط با جرائم رانندگي در بودجه سال آینده
    در لايحه بودجه سال ۱۳۹۸ به منظور تشويق در پرداخت به موقع جريمه‌هاي رانندگي، بند «و» تبصره ۱۱ در قانون بودجه سال ۱۳۹۷ حذف شد

  • مراسم تکریم و معارفه مهندس رضوی و دکتر نوربخش
    مراسم تکریم و معارفه مهندس رضوی و دکتر نوربخش روسای سازمان مدیریت و برنامه و ریزی استان قم برگزار شد.

  • ابلاغ حکم ریاست جناب آقای دکتر نور بخش به عنوان ریاست سازمان مدیریت قم
    با حکم دکتر نوبخت ریاست سازمان برنامه و بودجه کشور،دکتر محمود نوربخش به عنوان رئیس جدید سازمان مدیریت و برنامه ریزی استان قم منصوب شد.

  • افزايش اعتبار طرح‌هاي قابل‌خاتمه در فصل حمل‌و‌نقل به ۳۵۰ ميليارد تومان
    افزايش جمع اعتبارات عمراني استان‌ها به ۲۶ هزار ميليارد تومان/ افزايش اعتبار طرح‌هاي قابل‌خاتمه در فصل حمل‌و‌نقل به ۳۵۰ ميليارد تومان

  • 19 دی روز قیام تاریخی مردم قم گرامی باد
    رهبر انقلاب : مردم قم نشان دادند که وفادارند و پایبندن

  • ريس سازمان مديريت و برنامه ريزي استان قم
    همسو نمودن فعالیت های علم و فناوری با نیازها با توجه به امکانات موجود در استان،از اهداف سند آمايش علم و فناوري مي باشد.

  • تخصيص ۲ برابري اعتبارات عمراني در سال ۹۷ در قياس با سال گذشته
    رييس سازمان برنامه و بودجه تخصيص اعتبارات عمراني در نيمه نخست ۹۷ نسبت به سال گذشته ۲ برابر است،

  • دیدار رئیس سازمان نقشه برداری کشور با علما و مراجع عظام قم
    رئیس سازمان نقشه برداری کشور صبح امروز با علما و مراجع قم دیدار و گفتگو کرد.

  • مهندس رضوی :تخصیص 4میلیارد و 300 میلیون تومان جهت تجهیز و نوسازی
    رئیس سازمان برنامه‌وبودجه استان قم گفت: در سال جاری 4 میلیارد و 300 میلیون تومان جهت تجهیز و نوسازی هنرستان های قم تخصیص یافت.

  • جدول برنامه بازآفريني شهري پايدار (از محل تبصره ۱۸ قانون بودجه سال ۱۳۹۷)
    جدول برنامه بازآفريني شهري پايدار (از محل تبصره ۱۸ قانون بودجه سال ۱۳۹۷)

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Qom Industrial Reserve Command

The governor of Qom, referring to the letter to the government agencies for the purchase of domestic goods, said the executive agencies will report on the purchase of their basic goods.
Qom governor general Seyyed Mehdi Sadeqi, the Qom governor general, said at a meeting of the Qom Industrial Resistance Command headquarters in a statement that in the framework of laws and regulations, we have the best conditions in tax debate. In the past year, all the issues referred to The tax office has been resolved.
Qom governor general said that one of the components of resistance economy is critique and acceptance of responsibility, said: We should not refer all the problems to other sectors.
Sadeghi, pointing out that everyone is playing a role in the current and future economic conditions, added that interactions within the system must be interconnected and coordinated.
The government's high representative in the province continued: Resistance Economics is not an abstract task, and the realization of this slogan requires tangible cultural changes and the attention of the state and the private sector to its field of performance.
Referring to the slogan of the year 97, entitled "Supporting Iranian goods," he added: "This issue has a rational and religious justification, and the consumption process should be within the framework of this slogan.
Qom governor general said: "We have already given a section to prevent the use of foreign products and to prioritize purchases with provincial production products."
Sadeghi added that in the purchase of cement, only 20 percent of Qom's consumption is provided by indigenous producers, an example of which is the lack of attention to the use of indigenous goods.
The high representative of the government in the province also paid attention to the issue of obligatory education to buy student uniforms from producers in Qom province, saying that it cost 18 billion dollars to the private sector in Qom, which should be the model of all the device Be state-owned.
He continued: executive agencies should report on the status of purchasing their goods.
Qom governor also pointed to the necessity of paying attention to the government by the government department, saying that the government is paying special attention to the civil rights and information and corruption rights and the realization of e-government is one of the most important approaches to realizing the goals of the government.
Mohsen Beheshti, Deputy Director General for Development Affairs of Qom governorate, pointed out the construction of the Qom-Qom-Tehran International Printing and Publishing Township, said: "We are studying the establishment of an independent road from Qom-Tehran Freeway to prevent traffic congestion."
Mehrdad Ghazanfari Amrani also said that the construction of markets is one of the legal tasks of the municipalities, said that in supporting the valuable work of the municipality of Qom, we are promising to provide the necessary incentives.
He said that a meeting will be held to approve the locations and components of launching these markets, which can cover the province's productions, especially in the women's area.
Younes Ali Pour, deputy governor of Qom's pilgrims, said that about half of the souvenirs in the Qom province are imported, said: "This is not a beautiful city of Qom, and it is necessary to consider the necessary measures to produce these goods with a competitive character." .
Providing tax incentives, supporting domestic supply chain stores and promoting cluster production were among the topics discussed during the meeting.


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